“Each one of you can change the world, for you are made of star stuff, and you are connected to the universe.”

– Vera Rubin

My name is Deanna C. Hooper and I am a theoretical physicist specialising in cosmology. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. I use she/they pronouns, I am an intersectional feminist, and I love animals. In addition to being a scientist and amateur astronomer, my hobbies include baking (probably too much), solving puzzles, watching sci-fi shows, and reading.

In a nutshell, my work focuses on dark matter, and what the universe can tell us about this mysterious species. I mainly focus on non-cold dark matter models, such as interacting dark matter, and how to constrain them using different cosmological data (both current and future). I am also very interested in the cosmological tensions and their solutions.

Here you can find a complete list of my published articles, and a few lines of summary for some of them. For more information about my publications, like citations or h-number, check out my INSPIRE or ADS pages. I am also an active developer of both CLASS and MontePython. You can find more of my coding projects on GitHub.

Teaching is an extremely rewarding part of being a researcher. During my Ph.D. and first postdoc I have had the opportunity to be involved in tutoring undergraduate and postgraduate level courses, as well as supervising both Bachelor and Master students.

Science is amazing: it offers credible, testable, evidence-backed answers to our questions. I love being a scientist, and I love sharing my research with everyone. I have been involved in several outreach activities, both individually and within my different universities.

I have lived, studied, and worked in several countries over the years. I have presented my work in many international institutes, both for conferences and seminars, and I have helped organise international conferences in Aachen.

I also run a blog, updated very infrequently, where I talk about fun cosmological topics without assuming any background knowledge in science. Be sure to check out the Brain Teaser Competition I hosted on my blog some years ago!